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Question: What are the differences in versions?
Answer: Link: please read the info at this link

Version Released Airlite PCB info and modifications
V.1 ~ xxxx -
V.2 ~ 2015 Airlite 1A > Airlite 1B
Airlite 1B Added 10P to reduce flickering of the lower 4 leds
V.3 ~ 2016 Airlite 1B > Airlite 1C
Airence 10D > Airlite 4A: to improve USB data and Audio
Airlite 1C added 10P to reduce flickering of the lower 4 leds
V.4 2018-07 Airlite 2B added protection pcb to protect switching IC's
V.5 2018-12 Airlite 1C > Airlite 1D: with added VCA protection, added 10P, Cleanfeed output inproved
V.6 2019-11 New version and brand of switches are used. (Due to LED color differences a new version number)
V.7 (MK2) 2021-06 Airlite 1D > Airlite 1E: New faders, VCA circuit changed to plug-in print circuit board for each 2 channels to easily service.
New front design introduced. (Some latest V.6 models can also have this new design.)

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