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Question: It isn't possible to change settings of my Airlab, the Airlab won't accept/apply my settings?

Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

Enable setup setting

For some unknown reason the Airlab sometimes decides to disable or block the option to change settings trough the “Timer / System set-up” Display and buttons.

All settings are shown and can be toggled but the Airlab doesn't save them.

This is caused by the “Enable setup” setting which sometimes is disabled.

The “Enable setup” is only available in the “Airlab Control Center” software.

At the “System set-up” you won't find this setting.

So to fix this connect the Airlab with it's RS232 connection to the computer with a straight RS232 to RS232 cable or a RS232 to USB cable.

Download and install the “Airlab Control Center” from the software table.

Start the Airlab Control Center and set the communication port to the right COMx port.

When connected with the delivered RS232 to USB cable it will be a “Profilic USB-to-Serial Comm port”.

Press “Start” to connect.

Then “Enable” the “Enable Setup” setting.

Press “Save Internal” to apply the setting.

From this moment all settings can be changed again trough the “Airlab Control Center” and “System set-up”.

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