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Hybrid 1

Model: Production year
Hybrid 1 -
Brochure Manual -

Question: How do I connect a Hybrid 1 to my mixer?
Answer: Follow the instructions in this .pdf document: How to connect a Hybrid1

Question: Could you give us an explanation about the dip switch of C-BALANCE?
Answer: The R balance works as an N-1 and can be set with connecting the input and listening at the output.
When called in adjust the potentiometer until the lowest input signal is heared.
The C balance should be set to the situation that the Hybrid has the lowest influence on the bus that you listen to on the mixer.
So if you apply a testing signal to a different channel and move the fader of the Hybrid the signal at the output shouldn't change.
When this is okay you can fine adjust the R balance.
The easiest way is to use a 1khz 0dB test tone for both settings and a scope but it is also possible by listening and watching the VU meters.


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