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Question: What are the differences in versions?
Answer: Link: please read the info at this link

Version Airmate PCB info and modifications
V.1 Airmate 8 triple channel (Grey or Silver front, single or double master fader)
USB V.2 Airmate 4x triple, 2x USB, 2x Telco, added Mic insert and Stereo Aux
USB V.4 Well Buying switches with LED and white cap to replace switches with separate ON and CUE LED
Leaded > SMD
USB V.5 Added Digital option at Master and option to connect Master output with Jack
USB V.6 Switching Power Supply
USB V.7 Airmate Telco R17, R18 high power
USB V.8 Airmate Telco R17, R18 high power, Higher voltage capacitor Phantom Circuit
USB V.9 Airmate Telco R17, R18 600mw leaded
USB V.10 Airmate Telco R17, R18 600mw leaded or SMD array multiple high power resistors
Airmate Telco Z6 > 10 volt zener diode
Airmate Telco C5, C40 > 200 volt 4n7
USB V.10 Airmate with Serial number 191001xx-V10 which means produced 2019-10-01 or later
Second USB channel receives Auxilary send (Aux to USB Modification)

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