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Airmate support page

Model: Production year
Airmate-USB -
Brochure Manual -
- Manual French -

FAQ - Airmate-USB 8 and 12 channel

Needed software (Install as Administrator):

Software Windows MAC OS X Manual Driver Info
D&R VoIP Connect Button v1.0.227.0 - - - PDF
Channel Configuration - - - - Video
USBdeview (incl. remove all D&R batch file) 32 bit x86 - - Nirsoft (C) -
USBdeview (incl. remove all D&R batch file) 64 bit x64 - - Nirsoft (C) -


Question: What bit and sample rate settings are supported by the soundcards?
Answer: The soundcards in our mixers support 16 bit 32kHz, 16 bit 44kHz and 16 bit 48kHz

Question: My USB Channel or other USB hardware isn't recognized, what should I do?
Question: When connecting the USB, I receive a message that the maxmimum services or end points are reached. How can I fix this?
Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

Question: My Airmate is still with the previous USB configuration and they both receive the Program bus. Can they also receive the Auxilary send? How can I fix this?
Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

Microphone input

Question: How can I connect My mixer with Insert to a effects unit?
Answer: See this picture:

Telco or Voip

Question: What are the Telephone Hybrid and Voip channel options and what can I connect to them?
Answer: Take a look at this picture:

Question: How to use the Voip channel in my mixer?
Answer: please follow the steps at this link

Question: How do I connect a Hybrid 1 to my mixer?
Answer: Follow the instructions in this .pdf document: How to connect a Hybrid1

Question: The incomming sound (Microphone) of my Voip channel isn't working, how can I solve this?
Answer: Microsoft is changing the Privacy settings to prevent for hacking in to the Microphone sound and listen to what you are saying. Check these settings:

On Air light, Mic on, Fader start, GPO

Repair and Modification


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