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Question: How can I configure my Axum to control Aircast?

Answer: Link: follow the instructions on this page

At the configuration panel add D&R AXUM (MambaNet) in the Remote Control panel.

Then go to Configure and set the Communication to UDP and for the IP address fill in the IP address of the Axum Rack.

When you apply the Aircast node will show in the Register information page of the Axum as Test Name

This node can be renamed to Aircast.

When you go to Surface configuration you'll find the Aircast node.

When you press the configure button you'll see the empty function list for this node.

Now you can configure the Actuators that will trigger the 16 virtual busses that will go to Aircast.

So when you for example configure Module x: Fader on the Axum will send a trigger to Aircast when that fader is going from off to on.

Now at the Aircast Control Panel in the D&R Axum (Mambanet) at the Commands tab you can configure for each Actuator what the function needs to be when the Axum sends it's trigger.

Multiple functions can be configured this way.

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