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Question: How can I configure my GSM Hybrid GPO to Alert on my Axum and GPI to pickup/hangup?
Answer: Link: follow the instructions on this page.

First you'll need to set the jumpers for one GPO to GPIO the other one remains GPO.
For the GPIO Jack A which is GPI7 on a patch panel you'll need to change the bottom row of jumpers to 1-2 & 4-5.
The top row remains at 2-3 & 5-6 which is GPO8.

At a card where you connected the GSM Hybrid to you'll need to configure a GPO to switch when Start/Stop is triggered.
You'll also need to configure a GPI to trigger the Line inputs Alert function.

To pick up or hang up the GSM Hybrid you'll need to configure a switch for Start and Stop function.

Now you can configure a desired LED or meters icon to input and it's Alert function to go on or blink when the GSM Hybrid rings.

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