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Question: What are the differences in versions?
Answer: Link: please read the info at this link
Version Release date Axum backplane PCB info and modifications
Rev. A 16-10-2008 Dante and AES67-USB card doesn't work, which means the Backplane has to be replaced for a newer revision!
New cards probably won't work because of Firmware differences!
Rev. B 14-04-2011 unknown if AES67-USB card works
Rev. C 22-07-2013 Improved digital clock
Rev. C 22-07-2013 AES67-USB card supported
Rev. C 27-02-2020 Firmware update: Slot 19 fix to support AES67-USB card
Rev. C Slots 18 - 19 support 32x Mono in 32x Mono out (Remote software update needed)
Rev. C 05-05-2021 Slots 12 - 19 support 32x Mono in 32x Mono out (Backplane firmware and software update is needed)

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