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Question: How do I install Aircast 6.x and activate the Aircast license?
Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

How to install Aircast and activate the Aircast license 1/2

First you'll have to download Aircast from our support wiki.

Go to the download page of the latest version (v6.0)

Download the latest version (v6.09)

Find the folder where the install file is downloaded to on your computer.

Run the installation as Administrator!

Select the desired language.

Choose the install folder.
Aircast v6.x will standard install in a different folder then v5.x so your settings and databases will be available.
When starting Aircast it will ask to import settings from earlier installed versions.

Here you can change the location where it should appear in the Start menu.

Determine if you want a desktop shortcut.

If you agree with the previous settings click on Install.

The green progress bar appears.

Installation is finished, don't launch Aircast cause you'll need to activate first.

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