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Aircast -
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Radio Automation

Software Windows Manual
D&R Aircast v6.xPDF
D&R Aircast v5.xPDF
D&R Aircast v4.xPDF

Be sure which version you bought and which license you have!

A v5.x license won't work with v6.x as you need to buy an upgrade.

The v5.x can still work with a dongle licenes as v6.x works with a online license system.

Keep in mind that the Aircast upgrade is installed in a new folder next to the old version, it will ask to import the old settings at the first startup!

Which license do I need to ... ?

Features Aircast 6-STD Aircast 6-STD-DB Aircast 6-VT
Playout and Automation
Base Playout and Automation, Playlist, Cartwall, Cue Editor, Mix Editor, events, screen objects, file logging V V
Advanced Playout Level 1: Stream/line-in playback, special playlist items, layout/skin, HTTP/SQL logging V V
Advanced Playout Level 2: Voice tracking, mixdown, scripting V V
Streaming Encoder Built-in Shoutcast/Icecast compatible streaming encoder V V
Support for External DSP Plugins VST, Winamp DSP V V
Database and Scheduling
Database and Scheduling AircastDB (standalone/local mode), music scheduling V V
Advanced Scheduling Ad scheduler, log import from 3rd party music/traffic schedulers, voice tracking V V
Remote Control
Remote Control: Basic Hotkeys, gamepad/joystick, IO-Warrior, MIDI, Velleman V V
Remote Control: Analog Broadcast Mixers D&R AIRLITE, AIRENCE, AIRLAB-DT V V
Remote Control: Digital Broadcast Mixers MambaNet V V
USB licensing dongle (paid for option) V V
Networked Database Networked SQL backend, multi-station, DB server/proxy, Auto Importer V
Management with Voice Tracking V
Advanced Playout Level 3: Stream Monitor, Matrix Mixer, Aircheck Recorder, REST V

SQL is not longer supported in Aircast 6.x for new users!

They must run the Database Server application on the playout machine instead, and then use "Internet Client" to connect.



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My Aircast doesn't seem to be able to import the correct song Title and Artist from my ID3 tags and filenames. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: For importing ID3 tags you need to install the “BASS_AAC” add-on.
Without that add-on, AAC/M4A files can be played with the help of the Windows-provided codec, but no metadata can be extracted.
We're not allowed to ship the DLL ourselves due to the AAC patent restrictions.
Link: FAQ How to install BASS Plugins]



Remote Control



FAQ - Internet Radio (Streaming)


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