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Question: My firmware update isn't working?
Answer: Link: please follow the steps at this link

Step 1

  • Be sure that the USB cable is connected.
  • Be sure that the original USB cable is used or a cable with a maximum length of 1,8 meter (6ft).
  • Don't use Extender cables or Hubs, connect it to a port directly on the mainboard.
  • When connecting the unit did you receive an error that there aren't enough end points or resources? Then there is probably an xHCI or different usb problem. Please follow the steps at this link
  • Did you download and select the right firmware?

Step 2

Is the unit in Bootloader mode?

  • This can be achieved by powering down the unit.
  • Press down the Conn(ect) button.
  • While holding down this button power up the unit.
  • Release the button after 5 seconds.
  • The unit will start with random leds on and will be in Bootloader mode.

Step 3

Step 4

NOTE: The firmware update tool requires JAVA 32-bits to be installed. Please download and install the latest version first.
Java X86

NOTE: Some users still receive the error message: Firmware update failed! Make sure console is connected and in bootloader mode, they are probably missing the Microsoft Visual Studio drivers.
Visual Studio

Step 5

Also take a look at this document: Firmware update "AtLibUsbDfu.dll not found"

Step 6

If the firmware update tool still doesn't work after these steps fill in the support contact form.
Support Request

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