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Question: I want to connect my Fader start to my CD player, Turntable or other player, how do I have to connect this?
Answer: Instructions can be found in this webpage: Fader start instructions

On this wiki page we are going to explain what steps to take to connect the Fader start (GPO) of your mixer to a CD Player, Turntable or other player.

The fader start is called GPO which stands for General Purpose Output in this explanation!

First you'll need to know what kind of start signal your equipment needs.
This depends on the type and brand of the equipment.
Some equipment offer the option to change this in the setup of the unit.
The manual of your equipment or the supplier/manufacturer can explain what type of start signal is needed.

This can defer from a continous on, a continious off, a short pulse signal to start, a short pulse to start and a second to stop.
The equipment will give a positive or negative voltage on one the connections and possibly a ground.
(Some brands use a brand specific analog/digital signal and this can't be provided by our mixers!)

The other difference can occur in the connections.
Most equipments use a small stereo jack connector or connection cable to connect to their own brand mixer,
With connection options between Tip and Sleeve, Tip and Ring Tip and Sleeve, Ring and Sleeve or a combination for start and stop.

A simple way to test in which way your equipment Starts and/or Stops is to take a metal tweezer or plier and first shortly connect each of the options above.

If you found a connection that starts your equipment and it keeps playing write down this option and test if it stops when the same action is done or find the other connection.
This options are the Pulse start and or stop.

When your equipment hits play for a short moment you'll have to test and connect this option for a longer period.
This option will be the Continous start and stop.

Now your information translated to our mixers.

Our mixers provide a Potential free switch contact at their GPO

Our newer mixers can only provide a contact between the Tip and Ring of the GPO Jack due to the use of an Opto Coupler.

In older mixers the GPO are a Changeover switch with a Make contact between Tip and Ring and a brake contact between Tip and Sleeve.

In most situations a cable has to be soldered with the original lead at your equipments side and a stereo jack at the mixer's side.

Be sure to always use a stereo jack at the mixers side!

Fader start instructions:


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